N.F.B. productions

Photographer - "Of Many People"  a multimedia presentation for the Manitoba Centennial.

Director/Animator - "Valley of the Moon" animated theatrical short distributed by Columbia Pictures.

Director - "Angel of Death"  vignette about Toronto 1912 "Swap the Fly" contest for children.

Director - "Home of the Beaver"  vignette about the symbolic use of the beaver through Canada's history.

Director - "Land of the Maple Leaf"  vignette about the symbolic use of the maple leaf through Canada's history.

Director/Photographer - "The Four Seasons" educational multimedia kit, four sound filmstrips on poetry of the Confederation Period.

Director/Photographer - "Gerald Roach A Maritime Painter" educational sound filmstrip.


Author/Photographer - "Peggys Cove, Mist & Rocks"  trade book, a visual essay on the historic fishing village and the Preservation Area.

Photo 1972